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We carry so many beautiful Hardwoods, how can you choose? Well, everyone has their favorites, and we must admit, we do too! We include various priced collections here as well. Here are some of our favorite collections, along with why we believe they deserve the spotlight.

RWF Steadfast H Faithful_edited_edited.j

The Steadfast Collection by Real Wood Floors

Wide planks, pinks, blues & greens. This collection captures nature and it's warmth and brings it into your home. Literally, it captures nature - the Legacy, Tradition, and Heritage colors are Dynamically Weathered which means the boards are left outside to the elements for 60 - 90 days, cleaned, dried and finished, for an amazing look. The planks are 7.5" wide & engineered for increased stability, with a 4mm wear layer and up to 6.25 foot long boards. Limited residential lifetime structural, 50 year finish warranty. Nature never goes out of style.


The Ponderosa Collection by Real Wood Floors

This beautifully Hand-Scraped Engineered Hardwood Flooring has your budget in mind! Wide 5" planks are generously up to 6 foot in length. 25 year limited residential warranty. Yes, you can afford real hardwood floors! 

RWF Ponderosa Pecos.jpg
RWF Ponderosa-Laredo.jpg
RWF Ponderosa_Coronado B.jpg
RWF Ponderosa-Pueblo.jpg
RWF Ponderosa Alamosa.jpg
RWF Ponderosa_Cortez H.jpg
RWF Ponderosa B San Marcos.jpg
RWF Ponderosa_Navajo B.jpg

The Novella Collection by Hallmark Floors

These floors are named after some of the greatest authors of our time. Each is full of subtle detailed colors, longing memories and rich low sheen velvety finishes. They are moderately priced. Maple & Hickory planks are hand sculpted & True Mark finished. Oaks are wirebrushed & NuOil finished. Slice-cut engineered 6" wide planks are up to 6'2" long. Lifetime limited residential structural & finish warranty. You may curl up with your book now.   

Novella-Frost Maple.jpg
Novella Eliot Hickory.jpg
Novella Hemingway Oak.jpg
Novella Dickinson Maple.jpg
Novella Steinbeck Oak.jpg
Novella-Harper Maple.jpg

Villa Bocelli By Bella Cera

Named for an Italian Villa near Orvieto, or possibly an amazing Italian vocalist? We do know that these floors inspire awe for their rich variant colors, crafted to mimic the patina of weathered, reclaimed wood. Made using the finest French Oak and Hickory, these floors are distressed with circular & straight saw marks and come in random widths of 4", 5", and 6", planks up to 5 foot long, with a sturdy low gloss finish. Limited lifetime residential structural and 50 year finish warranty.

BC Villa Bocelli Hickory-Turate
BC Villa Bocelli Hickory-Mozatte (2).jpg
BC Villa Bocelli Hickory-Storico (2).jpg
BC Villa Bocelli Hickory-Caronno (2).jpg
BC Villa Bocelli Hickory-Villagio (2).jp
BC Villa Bocelli French Oak-Mombello (2)
BC Villa Bocelli French Oak-Saronno (2).
BC Villa Bocelli French Oak-Pinzano (2).
RWF Vintage Loft Millhouse.jpg

The Vintage Loft Collection by Real Wood Floors


There's just something about walking onto a wide plank floor. It's a feeling of strength, being cradled, being taken care of. Maybe it's because of a feeling of connection to our past. These beautiful floors were crafted to remind us of reclaimed wood flooring from industrial buildings, warehouses and factories. Wide 8.5" planks have a 4mm wear layer with boards up to 8 foot long. The wood is swept with brush marks to reveal natural grain, and band saw-marks, and is treated with rich multi-toned neutral colors. Warm and welcoming, these floors will remind you of the work and simple life of the past and carry a limited lifetime residential structural, 50 year finish warranty to bring with you into your future. 

RWF Vintage Loft Bowery (2).jpg
RWF Vintage Loft Market Square.jpg
RWF Vintage-Loft Railyard.jpeg
RWF Vintage Loft Bricktown.jpg
RWF Vintage Loft Foundry (2).jpg
RWF Vintage Loft Gristmill.jpg
RWF Vintage Loft Millhouse (2).jpeg
RWF Vintage Loft Harborside.jpg
RWF Vintage Loft-WestEnd.jpg


What is this? For those of you who love job-site finished Hardwood Floors and wide widths, this is the choice for you! Teckton's Intelligent Design technology offers Unfinished Engineered White Oak, European White Oak, Rifte and Quartered White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Antique Heart Pine. The wear layer of wood is 3 - 4.5mm thick, mirroring a solid wood floor, with the ability to be sanded multiple times in future years. Engineered wood is more stable with wider widths, guarding more effectively than solid hardwood floors against crowning, warping, gapping and general movement that can be seen with humidity changes in the environment. Widths span 2 1/4" to 8 1/2" with lengths up to 7 feet. These floors come pre-sanded up to 100 grit. Limited Lifetime structural warranty. Oh, and the prices are very nice!



Fumed - The process of Fuming was accidentally discovered in England in the 1800's when a man noticed darkening of boards stored in his barn. The ammonia from the animal waste had reacted with the tannins in the oak, darkening the color. At the turn of the century, Fuming was brought to America and popularized in the Arts and Crafts movement. Today, white oak is placed in a chamber where ammonia is misted, turning the wood a deep rich color-that goes all the way through the boards! What this means for you is, if you get a deep scratch in your floor, it won't be as obvious because of the consistent, beautiful color that can't be achieved with stain. Teckton Unfinished Fumed European White Oak is available in 8" width.  


Carbonized - The process of Carbonizing, or heat-treating wood, originates as far back as the Viking era where wood was burned with fire to increase stability and make it more resistant to rot and fungus. In the 1700's, the Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban flame-charred wood for a blackened effect to better preserve the precious resource. This dramatic technique is used today for more vertical wood such as decorative walls or siding. In a more modern, gentle version for flooring, wood is not burned, but instead heat-treated. It is placed in a chamber and heated to temperatures over 280 degrees celcius causing the sugars in the wood to carbonize into a deep, rich caramel color that also goes all the way through the wood. The heating is stopped before the wood turns black. No chemicals are used. Teckton Unfinished Carbonized European White Oak also comes in 8" width.