Per Square Foot Pricing Key:

Value ($1-$4) - 1

Mid ($4-$6) - 2

Upper ($6-$8) - 3

Luxury ($8-$12) - 4

Please Call for Exact Prices

Luxury Vinyl & Laminate

See What's New and Exciting in Wood Alternative Flooring!

Luxury Vinyl is durable, WATERPROOF, vinyl flooring with a surface designed to appear like wood or stone-also called LVT (Tile) or LVP (Plank).

Laminate is a synthetic flooring that has the appearance of wood and is made of laminated fiber board material with a tough top wear layer. Some of our Laminate is Water Resistant!

Both Are Very Popular for Beautiful Designs, Surprising Durability and Great Prices!!

We Care About Your Floors! For Laminate, Keep Humidity in Your Home between 35-55% to Keep Laminate Healthy & Prevent Problems. Never use Wet Mops, Steam Cleaners or Oil Soap Cleaners-See Recommendations Below.

For Luxury Vinyl Avoid Excessive Heat.

Adura Max Margate Oak Waterfront LVP

Adura Max Margate Oak Sandbar LVP

Adura Max Margate Oak Harbor LVP

Adura Max Margate Oak Coastline LVP

Adura Max Aspen Lodge LVP

Adura Max Cascade Harbor Beige LVP

Adura Max Cascade Sea Mist LVP

Adura Max Dockside Boardwalk LVP

Adura Max Dockside Driftwood LVP

Adura Max Dockside Pier LVP

Adura Max Dockside Sand LVP

Adura Max Dockside Seashell LVP

Adura Max Iron Hill Coal LVP

Adura Max Iron Hill Fireside LVP

Adura Max Iron Hill Smoked Ash LVP

Adura Max Lakeview Rapid LVP

Adura Max Meridian Carbon LVP

Adura Max Meridian Porcelain LVP

Adura Max Meridian Steel LVP

Adura Max Meridian Stucco LVP

Adura Max Napa Barrel LVP

Adura Max Napa Dry Cork LVP

Adura Max Napa Spirit LVP

Adura Max Napa Tannin LVP

Adura Max Sausalito Bay Breeze LVP

Adura Max Sausalito Bridgeway LVP

Adura Max Sausalito Sunrise LVP

Adura Max Sausalito Waterfront LVP

Adura Max Sundance Gunstock LVP

Adura Max Sundance Saddle LVP

Adura Max Sundance Smoke LVP

Mannington Adura Scratch-Resist Floors 

Adura Max

Luxury Vinyl by Mannington

Why We Love Them - Scratchproof, Waterproof, and Beautiful Colors! Sound Backing Attached. These Floors Can Take What Your Family and Pets Dish Out!


All Colors Also Available in Adura Rigid and Adura Flex-(Glue Down). 

6' x 8mm x 48" - 27.39sq ft per Carton

7.1" x 8mm x 48" - 28.52sq ft per Carton

12" x 8mm x 24" - 28.04sq ft per Carton

Installation Above, On, or Below Grade

No Acclimation needed. No Underlayment Needed. Protect From Excessive Heat. 

Limited Residential Lifetime Warranty

Care: Mannington Floor Cleaner

Price Level 1

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Mannington Virtual Decorator!!


Luxury Rigid Vinyl by Hallmark

Why We Love Them - They Come With IXPE Backing So No Underlayment Needed, Rigid to Resist Dents, Wide Widths, Beautiful Colors!

7" x 5.5mm x 59"

9" x 5.5mm x 59"


Install Above, On, or Below Grade (Only 6ml Poly Needed)

Limited Residential Lifetime Warranty

28.51sq ft per Carton

Care: TrueClean Cleaner

Price Level 1

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Hallmark Room Visualizer!!

Courtier Steward Oak

Courtier Sovereign Oak

Courtier Royal Oak

Courtier Paladin Oak

Courtier Rohan Oak

Courtier Margrave Teak

Courtier Kingsguard Oak

Courtier Esquire Maple

Courtier Imperial Oak

Courtier Falconer Oak

Courtier Chevalier Pine

Courtier Camarilla Oak

Courtier Admiral Oak

Courtier Baroness Hickory

Courtier Chancellor Oak

ChestnutHill Nutmeg Laminate

ChestnutHill Natural Laminate

ChestnutHill Coffee Laminate

Blacksmith Oak Steam Laminate

Blacksmith Oak Rust Laminate

Blacksmith Oak Flame Laminate

BlackForest Oak Weathered Laminate

BlackForest Oak Fumed Laminate

BlackForest Oak Antiqued Laminate

Blacksmith Oak Anvil Laminate

HistoricOak Timber Laminate

HistoricOak Slate Laminate

HistoricOak Charcoal Laminate

HistoricOak Ash Laminate

HillsideHickory Stone Laminate

HillsideHickory Pebble Laminate

HillsideHickory Cloud Laminate

HillsideHickory Ember Laminate

HillsideHickory Coal Laminate

HillsideHickory Acorn Laminate

FrenchOak Nutmeg Laminate

FrenchOak Peppercorn Laminate

FrenchOak Caraway Laminate

Fairhaven Brushed Taupe Laminate

Fairhaven Brushed Grey Laminate

Fairhaven Brushed Coffee Laminate

Fairhaven Brushed Natural Laminate

PalacePlank Tapestry Laminate

PalacePlank Armor Laminate

PalacePlank Stone Laminate

PalaceChevron Tapestry Laminate

PalaceChevron Armor Laminate

PalaceChevron Stone Laminate

Nantucket Driftwood Laminate

Nantucket SeaShell Laminate

Nantucket SandDollar Laminate

KeystoneOak Steel Laminate

KeystoneOak Iron Laminate

SeaviewPine Sand Laminate

SeaviewPine Dune Laminate

SeaviewPine Cloud Laminate

SawmillHickory Natural Laminate

SawmillHickory Gunstock Laminate

SawmillHickory Wicker Laminate

SawmillHickory Leather Laminate

WoodlandMaple Mist Laminate

WoodlandMaple Fawn Laminate

WoodlandMaple Branch Laminate

WoodlandMaple Acorn Laminate

WhiskeyMill Wheat Laminate

WhiskeyMill Char Laminate

WeatheredRidge Storm Laminate

WeatheredRidge Fire Laminate

WeatheredRidge Earth Laminate

WhiskeyMill Barrel Laminate

WeatheredRidge Earth Laminate

Mannington's Restoration-Laminate that is

Scratch-Resistant and WATERPROOF!


Laminate by Mannington

Why We Love Them -Restoration's Scratch-Resistant, SpillSheild Plus Waterproof Technology is a Revolution in Laminate!! And So Many Colors & Styles!

6-3/16" x 1/2" x 50-1/2" - 17.4sq ft per Carton

7-9/16" x 1/2" x 50-1/2" - 21.22sq ft per Carton


Installation Above, On, or Below Grade

(Underlayment Recommended, Special Needed for Below Grade or Concrete)

Limited Residential 25 Year Warranty

Care: Mannington Ultra Clean Laminate Floor Cleaner

Price Level 1

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Mannington Virtual Decorator!!

Solido Visions

Laminate by InHaus

Why We Love Them - Low Price, Wide Planks, Spill Resistant, and Colors!

German Technology

7-1/2" x 7mm x 50-1/2" 


Installation Above, On, or Below Grade

(Underlayment Recommended, Special Needed for Below Grade or Concrete)

24.17sq ft per Carton

Limited Residential 20 Year Warranty

Care: Bona

Price Level 1

Solido Saratoga Pine Laminate

Solido Hobart Laminate

Solido Nelson Laminate

Solido Clarke Laminate

Solido Darwin Laminate

Solido Bunbury Laminate

Solido Belmore Laminate

Solido Brazilian Walnut Laminate

Solido Adelaide Laminate

Solido Cask Oak Laminate

Solido African Rosewood Laminate

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ChestnutHill Nutmeg Laminate